Factory 2 : Shanghai Hyphone Tool Co Ltd

(Since 1993 & ISO 9002 Certified)

- Located at the heart of Shanghai's industrial estate in Hang-du, this is  the very first Taiwanese-owned air-tool factory in China.

- This is a joint-ventured entity with Taiwan Hyphone ( major share holder ), Chinese Shanghai Machine Import & Export Co Ltd and the local Wangdu county government. It accounts for 25% of the group's annual turnover.

- The land and building spread over an area size of 180,000 sq ft. The company engages a workforce of near 280 employees.

- The factory manufactures a full range of air tool kits and single tools. It is also the center of new tooling engineering and testing and houses some of the sophisticated life-test machines in the industry.

- CNC machines, multi-specialized machines and other sophisticated hydraulic precision milling machines are used extensively, which have provided the utmost accuracy in meeting various product specifications.

- The company attained the ISO9002 certification on January 6, 2001, provided by RWTUV of Germany.